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Want to create a successful business? Serve others!

Date Added: July 27, 2009 01:01:25 PM
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Want to create a successful business? Serve others!

Author: Andrea Scott

Many people believe that you can only create a successful business by destroying your competitors. They view business is a "dog eat dog" "anything for a buck" world where only the toughest and meanest person survives.

This perspective still prevails in the business world. As a result most entrepreneurs hesitate to reveal any vulnerability for they believe that their competitors will take advantage of it and destroy their business.

However, this perspective of business as a competition reveals a scarcity consciousness. If you think that there is not enough "good stuff" in the world, you constantly compete with others to ensure that you get your share. This belief can ultimately lead to the immoral and amoral behaviour by some entrepreneurs that we read about in the media.

However, an abundance mindset has a totally different result. Someone with an abundance mindset knows that the universe is unlimited and that there are unlimited resources. Accordingly, she knows that there is enough for everyone. She willingly helps others achieve their goals. She believes Zig Ziglar's statement that "You can only get what you want, if you help enough other people get what they want."

If you want to serve others, you must be willing to seek opportunities in unusual places. For example, you may attend church regularly and you observe a need for leadership in your church community as the church is expanding. Perhaps your life experience has lead you to a practical understanding of the value of visioning. You could volunteer to give a visioning workshop at your church, to teach the members how to discover their vision and create a vision board.

You may ask, "How does serving at my church help me build my business?" It's about thinking outside the box. As you facilitate the visioning workshop at your church, you demonstrate that you are a leader to your church community. As you do, people will be attracted to you; for they will see you as someone who can help they get what they want.

Wallace Wattles stated in the Science of Getting Rich that "And because it is the deepest instinct of their natures, all men and women are attracted to those who can give them more of the means of life."

As you serve your community, people will be drawn to do business with you if they can benefit from your product or services. As you help others get what they want, you show that you are trustworthy. For you know that people do business with people they know, like and trust.

As you assist others to achieve their goals and vision, your business becomes more successful. Business becomes a win-win for everyone! You craft a successful business as you serve others!

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Andrea Scott is a joyful internet marketing entrepreneur who shows others how to have a successful online business. To find out how to have an online business that generates a 6-figure income in your first year, click here


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