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HIV/AIDS Preventions and Precautions

Date Added: December 31, 2009 06:58:20 AM
Author: Arthurjones
Category: Health: Pharmacy
As the population grows there is rapid increase in disease. All disease comes under two categories. One is curable and the other is non-curable. Nowadays we can come across many deadly diseases which are not curable and slowly kills the life. Even though people are worried about their life they were not aware of such kind of harmful disease. Among one of the deadly disease is HIV/ AIDS. Since all knows HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted viral disease. The world record says that nearly 40 million people have HIV infection and it is estimated that 25 million have died from this disease. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is one form of retro viruses. When the virus enters into the human body it damages all our immune system. So that if any of the disease enters into the body we are easily get adopted. It destroys all our body immunity cells. When all of the immune system gets damaged the resistance power is blocked, this case called AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. When the required immune count is tend to fall then that state is called as AIDS. HIV virus is transmitted in our body when there is illegal sex contact with infected person, organ transplant with infected persons; infected person used needles or syringes. HIV infected women who are pregnant may also transmit to her child. Since there is no cure for this disease but drugs are available to reduce the burden caused by this disease. Some of the anti-viral drugs like Generic for Combivir, Generic for Crixivan, Generic for Epivir, Generic for Norvir, Generic for Retrovir, Generic for Sustiva, Generic for Videx, Generic for Viracept, Generic for Viramune, Generic for Zerit and Generic for Ziagen are available to treat HIV/AIDS disease. These drugs will helpful to reduce from the trouble caused by hiv viruses. Based upon the patient conditions the dosages are available. Generic combivir can reduce the virus load from the blood. Generic for Crixivan, Generic for viracept, Generic for ziagen affects the virus reproductive cycle in the body, thus by reducing the amount of multiplying the count of viruses in the blood. Generic for Epivir, Generic for norvir, Generic for retrovir increases the count of CD4 cells in the blood which ultimately increases the immunity. So there are number of drugs which can help us to reduce the complication of these diseases. Some of the anti-viral drugs will interact with the certain drugs. Those who have kidney disease, liver disease and pancreatitis should consult your doctor before taking above said medications. If you are undertaking medications like Amiloride, Dofetilide, Indinavir, Metformin, Memantine, Procainamide, Ribavirin, Trimethoprim and Zalcitabine then have a talk with the doctor or pharmacist. Global Discount Drugs offers you cheap and effective anti-viral medications. You can save 90% of your medical bills by reducing the effort of the disease. Buy Anti-viral discount medications at at cheap price. Our cheap online pharmacy provides effective drugs in worldwide which are easy to buy online with fast delivery on time.


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