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Acne - the most irritating skin defect

Date Added: December 04, 2009 10:34:10 AM
Author: Michael
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Thousands of males and females have been interviewed lately about the most distressing beauty calamities, and most respondents named acne the most distressing problem. Acne, though mostly affecting teens, can occur at any age. Not only is the face affected, but at times also the neck and the back. What can be done to treat it? Firstly, try out over-the-counter acne treatments, including those containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is the most frequently used acne treatment and is considered to be one of the most efficacious ones in the market. If you are suffering from mild cases of acne that is non-inflammatory, benzoyl peroxide is known as exceedingly effective. Since it is secure for application on both grown-ups and teenagers, it is preferable to other kinds of treatments. Nevertheless, there are some minor side effects. It can trigger dryness in the skin. If your skin is too dry, give some recovery time to your skin and then, using a lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide, try out again. Salicylic acid works best of all on non-inflammatory forms of acne and it starts by removing the dead skin, therefore keeping the skin pores clean and preventing clogging. But skin irritation is possible. Patients have complained of dry skin, stinging or burning sensation, and flaking and peeling of the skin. If there is no improvement in curing acne after a few weeks, ask your doctor about prescription acne treatments, including antibiotics, retinoids and adapalene (Differin). Antibiotics prevent bacteria from growing and spreading in the body. Even though results become visible faster, antibiotics are commonly not favored by patients, as they cause side effects, such as dyspepsia, discoloration of the skin, dizziness and sensitivity to light. If you are suffering from severe cases of cystic acne, your doctor may recommend isotretinoin (Accutane) or may refer you to a dermatologist. Because grave side effects are possible, men and women administering Accutane should be cautiously observed by their doctors. Laser or light therapy may be used if other acne solutions fail. Take the opportunity to have a pour radiant skin!


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