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Probable mistakes that often occur during Search Engine Optimization

Date Added: August 26, 2009 11:59:50 AM
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Probable mistakes that often occur during Search Engine Optimization

Author: Scott Johnson

The common but big mistakes of SEO are as follows:

1. Proper designing of website is very important and crucial for you website. of proper navigation, using of frames to save web designers designing times, large graphics that takes to load much more time all these factors are important and effective to make a rank on the list in search engine. Search engine spiders can actually be blocked from crawling sites that are not well designed. Therefore proper web designing is very important part of search engine optimization.

2. As we have said earlier that the site must be user friendly and business friendly. In many sites we see that images and other script languages are used for fine looks. These are good but these are not crawl-able. So it is not profitable for search engine optimization. Making of useful links in html is far more profitable and advisable than using of images and using of other web script languages for search engine optimization. If your page layout change then place html link on bottom of your page. It is also good chance to use keywords in anchor text.

3. People do not have much time to wait for lading your website and therefore large image size and site can be avoided for your website. They take more time to load. You can make your image in more pieces than a single image and it will take less time to load. Keeping a low-resolution file where high resolution is not required is desired. If it is essential to use large images then consider using thumbnails and open it in separate page. This may give additional benefit of creating more pages and more text that spiders and bots crave.

4. Flash website is attractive to the viewers but without an html alternative the flash based website is not attractive to the search engine. Flash might be attractive but not to search engines and users provided that is has no html alternative. There are lots of sites to help you and they will give you tips for optimizing flash sites. Search engines don't like Flash sites for a reason a spider can't read Flash content and therefore can't index it.

5. Never ever think that you have done your website and that is final. In order to maintain the popularity and ranking you have to be consistent in your maintenance. If you want to be successful, you need to permanently optimize your site, keep an eye on the competition and changes in the ranking algorithms of search engines.

6. Like the previous one thinking that images are more attractive than text in headings is also a big and common mistake of people. For your website you can be thinking that images are more appropriate for ranking good on the search chart but it is not the fact. An image can make your site look more distinctive but in terms of SEO images for headings and menus are a big mistake because h2, h2, etc. tags and menu links are important SEO items.

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