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The Five Tips to Optimize Twitter

Date Added: August 19, 2009 01:12:16 PM
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The Five Tips to Optimize Twitter

Author: Daniel D

Home business owners and internet entrepreneurs alike are actively trying to crack the code to Twitter optimization.? The question here is how to do the little things to facilitate viral growth and enhanced google ranking.? These five tips will provide a good first step toward those ongoing objectives.

1. Account and Usernames

Your username is very important since it serves as a core relevance item.? It’s unchangeable and fundamental to your Twitter identity.? It should embody your company’s name in some way so that your followers easily recall it when performing subsequent searches.? Choose an account name, which can be the same or different from your username, which followers can refer to you as in a conversation.

2. Bio Content

I’ve seen successful marketers using two contrasting approaches for this content.? One extreme seeks to connect with the reader by offering a truly personal and relatable short-story about them.? While this method lacks in optimization, it does have its merits by soft-selling the business’s brand, history or value proposition in a down-to-earth manner.? The other spectrum features the company describing itself by using every keyword-rich phrase possible, which intuitively enhances optimizes but at the expense of some readers who are turned off.

3. Leading off

The “lead-in” is approximately the first forty characters of any tweet.? This text is believed to carry more relevance since this section is what can be used as a title tag.? Instead of using the entire tweet which could conceivably exceed forty characters, Google will isolate just the “lead-in” for search purposes.? Just remember to balance the keyword density with conversational text that can also positively impact tweets.

4. “Retweetability”

Twitter’s rule of a 140 character maximum includes “RTs”, other usernames, and of course the original tweet itself.? As most marketers would agree, getting retweeted is the ultimate goal in the social media world.? Limiting your tweets to around 120 characters will allow for multiple retweets when accounting for the additional text.

5. Spreading the word

Don’t limit yourself to Twitter exclusively.? The most sites containing your Twitter URL, the most Google will rank it highly.? Increasing your back-links on articles directories, blogs, press release sites and video sharing sites are prime examples for spreading the word about your Twitter profile.

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About the Author:

Daniel D. is an avid writer on various internet marketing topics and is the founder of the Doctor DubLi Team. He creates innovative marketing tools for novice and aspiring networkers worldwide from his office in Suburban Detroit. Learn more about his business and how his team is seeing success by integrating social networking and DubLi marketing


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