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How to Make Money Blogging - The Easiest Ways

Date Added: August 19, 2009 01:12:16 PM
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How to Make Money Blogging - The Easiest Ways

Author: Tim Yu

A blog (short for weblog) is a kind of website, usually created by an individual, that serves either as an on-line journal or a site where the blogger can place commentary on various subjects or issues. For example, there are blogs that specialize in film reviews and others where the blogger posts her favorite recipes. Many blogs also include links to other blogs, and a section where visitors to a site can post their comments.

Although weblogs started out as hobbies, or as venues for advocacies, blogs in recent years have become small businesses that can generate a regular income. Of course, before you can turn your blog into a business it has to attract traffic. Blogs that do not draw a substantial number of visitors are not viable as businesses, so you should initially focus on building your readership.

How to make money blogging? The most obvious way is to sell ad space on your blog site. Blogs that have attracted a significant following can easily attract prominent advertisers. Less-popular blogs can avail of services that allow them to establish advertising programs for their site.

You can also use your blog to establish yourself as an expert on a particular subject, which would enable you to make money by writing books, delivering lectures or becoming a consultant.

Those are the main ways to make money blogging. But a blogger who hopes to turn his blog into a money-maker should realize that it will not happen overnight, and that it takes discipline, patience and years of hard work before your blog can finally become your job.

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