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How to Make Money Blogging - Theory

Date Added: August 19, 2009 01:12:15 PM
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How to Make Money Blogging - Theory

Author: Tim Yu

Blogging into light around 1999, and by 2004 its popularity has gone mainstream. By 2005 Forbes magazine recognized blogging as a profitable endeavour. The blogging community has exponentially grown since.

If you are gearing towards joining the blog industry for profit, then you have to learn the intricacy of how to make money blogging. You can basically monetize your blog by running ads on your blog. There are several factors to consider on when and how to make money blogging.

Correct timing on placing up ads is important in a successful blog site. You may run ads at the start of your blog's life or after you have already established readership. Either way, you have to think about your niche and how these ads will affect your market before deciding to attract advertisers.

Once you have decided when to put up ads on your blog site, then you have to think about how it should be put up. Choose from a number of advertising options available to you. At the same time, choose an advertising format that will be suitable on your site. It could be as conspicuous as textual advertising that will highly unlikely to turn your readers off; or it could be product-based advertising that could also be helpful to your readers.

Setting up blogs for profit is easier in theory. You may think that with the internet's automation in setting up advertisements is all you need to get you started. But you must also keep in mind your market for you to realize how to make money blogging.

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