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2 Simple Steps on How to Make Money Blogging

Date Added: August 19, 2009 01:12:14 PM
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2 Simple Steps on How to Make Money Blogging

Author: Tim Yu

People often think how it is possible to make money blogging. They know that there is a big potential of earning money through maintaining blog sites but they just do not know how the system works. Below are some ways you can earn through blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

The first way to make money blogging is through affiliate marketing. What happens here is that you simply post a company's link in your blog site. Everytime a customer clicks on the link from your web page and makes a purchase, you get paid. This is some sort of advertising but the advertising will only be paid if it yielded results. The amount you will be paid may be in flat amount or in percentages. Most companies offer a certain percentage based on the net or gross amount of the product or service purchased.

Pay Per Click Program

The next way to make money blogging is through the very popular pay per click programs or advertising schemes. All that one needs to do is to also place a company's link on the site and then he will get paid every time the advertisement is clicked. Keep in mind that the clicks that will get paid are only from unique users. This means that if one IP address was traced as to have clicked the link, you will not be paid again even if the person clicks on the link a hundred times. This is to ensure that there is integrity in the payment and the business.

With this 2 simple system, it will allows you to get a certain of traffic into your blog.

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