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Why Publish Your Own eZine?

Date Added: August 13, 2009 12:31:58 PM
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Why Publish Your Own eZine?

Author: Nathan Holland

When you say online business, more often than not, products and services come to mind. Most people are not aware that it is actually possible to make money without selling anything or without having to offer a service to your customers. How? One way of doing so is through starting your very own eZine Ė an electronic newsletter.

What you need to do is send out your eZine issues to your subscribers. The great thing about it is that you have a choice, whether you want to automate the process of sending your articles out, or you doing it manually on a periodical basis. It sounds easy enough, doesnít it?

Being an eZine publisher has a lot of benefits. Besides the fact of not having to cut down trees just to produce your newsletter, you can also reach a vast number of people easily, and in the most convenient manner too! You can spread your influence in marketing and showcase your expertise to a variety of people within seconds.

Having said that, running your very own newsletter publication is out of reach no more! Not only will you be saving money from not having to invest in those expensive printing equipment, you will also save time and effort from hiring staff that will be able to run it. You see, time, money and effort ó ALL saved!

Besides a great broadcast feature, all you really need to start your own eZine is an automated responder, if you choose the option of automating your sending process. Not only that, it also saves you from all the hassle of personally sending out acknowledgement emails to each one of your subscribers. This automated responder will really help in reaching out to that vast number of subscribers that you may refer to as your prospects.

So if you canít seem to find that perfect product to sell, or you donít have the commitment to actually do it, publishing your own online newsletter may just be your cup of tea.

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