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Product or Mailing List - Which is More Important?

Date Added: August 13, 2009 12:31:58 PM
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Product or Mailing List - Which is More Important?

Author: Nathan Holland

Anyone in the online marketing business would know the answer to the question “What matters more, the mailing list or the product?” The answer may actually surprise you. Contrary to popular belief, all would say “The mailing list.”

Business people know the importance of a hungry demand. They admit to putting that first, and the product not far behind it. Business people understand that the way to rake in more cash is by giving the consumers what they want (demand). In layman’s terms, no demand, no product. The mailing list represents the demand for the product/s that you offer. The mailing list reflects how well your business is doing by showing you how great or how low the demand is for a certain product.

If you frequent Joint Venture forums and membership sites of any kind, you will discover that more product and service business owners need mailing list owners than the other way around. Why? Because these mailing list owners have the list of prospective clients that the product and service business owners need to be able to sell or market their products and services.

On the other hand, if you are the mailing list owner, it’s not necessary for you to make money from selling these lists. You may also opt to sell advertising space or maybe partner up with a product and/or service owner and in return, get commissions per sale – and terms are totally up to you.

Most of the biggest online business successes today have a mailing list as its foundation. Business owners actually establish this first, even before the product was thought of. A good example for that would be is a free social networking site that connects friends and friends to be from all over the world. How, you ask, does a business like this make money? It makes money through selling their advertising space. What they do is partner with big time merchants and let them advertise on their site. acts as the mailing list in this example. Even Google and Youtube are looking into it.

This kind of business is a good example of why business owners should establish a mailing list first before the product – because the demand will determine what your product should be.

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