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The Cons of Publishing Your Own Ezine

Date Added: August 13, 2009 12:31:58 PM
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The Cons of Publishing Your Own Ezine

Author: Nathan Holland

Just like all other businesses, publishing an eZine – your own online newsletter, has its downside. Despite having great advantages, it may have a few minor drawbacks here and there.

Fear not, this article was not made to scare you, but to show you how you can avoid and easily surpass these mini drawbacks that may cause you to either panic when the deadline approaches or worse, delay publishing your articles.

Probably the most obvious challenge you can face when publishing your own eZine is finding and writing good content for your newsletter. Of course it always has to be captivating as well as enjoyable to your target market. I understand that creating your own content, and monthly at that, can be tiring especially if you are not a gifted writer. Thinking about deadlines approaching is tiring in itself.

One good way of taking care of this problem is by compiling content so that you’d have a lot to choose from once your target date is approaching. In case you aren’t blessed with writing skills, or if you think you’re out of time to create an article on your own, you sure are lucky we live in the 21st century. Everything is within reach. You can hire freelance professionals who are capable of meeting your deadline/s as well as coming up with great content for you. And since you pay for these freelancers services, you are free to take credit for all the articles on your newsletter.

Also, you can republish articles from article directories such as This is a free method you can use when you’re really not sure of your content, just as long as you include the resource box of the original author and the article has expressed its republishing rights.

So, it’s really easy to get through content and deadline problems. You can choose from either solution mentioned above. In any case, both are advisable and profitable.

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