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Why do people go online? Study reveals tips for building better websites

Date Added: August 13, 2009 12:31:57 PM
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Why do people go online? Study reveals tips for building better websites

Author: Andre Savoie

I saw a great article recently which sums up what I have been thinking for a long time.? The article, by EMarketer, summarizes a recent study which asks the question "Why Do People Go Online?"

And while the findings are interesting to read - if you look closely you will find tips for building a better, more effective website for today's online users.

2 sides to the story

What's interesting to me is that if you asked people in the website business what the top reason is people go online they would probably tell you to shop online.? At least thatís the only reason I can think of that so many business websites skimp on valuable information (content) and just list products or services as though that is enough.? A Business owner often feels? like their sales pitch should be sufficient to lure in a customer but this study shows that clearly isnítí the case.

However if you asked anyone else they would probably give you a list of other top reasons they use the internet such as:

  • staying updated on news
  • connecting with friends
  • killing time
  • research
  • be entertained

And the study shows these are in fact the top reasons to go online.? Sadly, killing time ranks as the #1 reason to go online.? Followed closely by educating yourself, connecting with others and research.

So what does this mean for folks who want better performance out of their website?


What this survey drives home is the fact that people, for the most part, don't go online with the intention of buying things.? They go online with the intention of learning something.? Maybe it's about your product or maybe its about a problem that your product may solve.? But in either case they are NOT looking to find out how great you are when they first go online.

Givers Gain

The best advice for building a website is to give away as much of your knowledge and expertise as you can in hopes of helping consumers learn more about what you do.? The more people you help by providing them with information the better chance you stand of converting them into a customer.

Think about it - isn't that how YOU like to use the internet?? We want to learn about how to fix YOUR problems and needs, then maybe look at some vendors who can help.? Chances are you will check them out online before calling or making a purchase.

So if you can provide the information needed in step one of the online search behavior you stand a better chance of keeping someone with you through the natural cycle which happens online.

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About the Author:

Andre' Savoie of WSI is certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing Skills and has also earned Google's AdWords Certification for Individuals. See the study results referenced here or learn more about website design by contacting us today.


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