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Free Internet Marketing Methods - ListJoe

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Free Internet Marketing Methods - ListJoe

Author: mattmossop

Free Internet Marketing Methods - ListJoe

Listjoe is a relatively new tool in the world of internet marketing. As an internet marketer you can use ListJoe to promote any product or service you like through e-mail.

With ListJoe, you can currently send out 4000 e-mails out weekly to potential leads for free. The catch however, is that every one of the e-mails you send out goes to another ListJoe member, i.e. someone promoting their own product. Regardless, it is still possible to generate leads for your business. To be blunt, 95% of the products promoted in e-mails I receive from other ListJoe members are horrible. Most are over-hyped “get rich quick” work from home schemes. The point here is that many ListJoe members are with sub-par companies, and may wish to join you if you’re advertising a quality internet marketing system or product.

In order to e-mail other ListJoe members, you must accumulate points. You accumulate points by opening e-mails sent to you by other ListJoe members, going to their site, and staying there for 20 seconds. This can be a little bit tedious and frustrating, as you will receive about 40 ListJoe e-mails a day. If you don’t check your e-mail every day or if you skip opening your ListJoe e-mails for a few days, you’re going to have a inbox full of ListJoe e-mails.

So is ListJoe lucrative? Well the higher the commissions of the company you’re with, the more lucrative ListJoe will be for you. If one lead has the potential of generating a few thousand dollars for you, then yes, it would definitely be worth it for you to get on ListJoe. If you’re with an MLM, it might not be worth it for you. ListJoe does however have a paid membership option, where you don’t have to do anything to receive e-mail points, and you can e-mail members more frequently. Either way, ListJoe is free if you want it to be, so give it a try and see how it works for you. To improve your results, you might want to learn about writing intriguing e-mail copy.

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Matt Mossop is a succesful internet marketer and home based business owner. To learn more about Matt and how he can help you, visit


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