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Choose Web Hosting - 3 Cash Factors in Web Hosting Guaranteed to Make Your Website Profitable

Date Added: August 07, 2009 04:50:46 PM
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Choose Web Hosting - 3 Cash Factors in Web Hosting Guaranteed to Make Your Website Profitable

Author: Soon Chai Lim

Few webmasters ever realize the importance of these 3 factors when choosing a web hosting service to host their websites.

Instead, they got blinded by the low price smoke screen that in most cases, renders them a service that gives them chronic migraine, every now and then.

Don't commit the mistake they made. If you want your website to turn into a booming online business, one of the keys to online success is to get a web host that comes with these 3 money factors.

The Need for Speed

When you get on a site that loads like tortoise, you'll definitely get pissed off and off you go - you'll jump over to another site that loads faster. Right?

Similarly, if your site loads slowly and you put your website visitors waiting, you'll lose them faster than you blink your eyes.

Hence, you need a web host that will host your website on a high-speed server.

According to the world stats, about 1% of the entire online population is still using 56k (or lower) dial-up network. That's equivalent to about 16 million web surfers world-wide.

Although you can't get them all to use the more expensive broadband network, if on your part you can use a high-speed server, you'll greatly reduce your website loading time on their computer, astonish them with a higher speed that they've never experienced with other sites before.

As such, don't compromise this factor when you choose / buy web hosting service. Your business can't survive without that.

So, how to determine a fast web host?

Honestly, you can't tell how fast a server the web host provides until you host your site with it. But even if it appears fast on your screen, it may not be so on others as they could be using a low-speed network like I said just now.

The only way you can do is to research yourself - google the web to find out more about certain popular web hosts that lots of people are talking about. Or you can turn to a trusted expert or website for sound advice and great recommendation to save time.

Tip: If you're targeting local market, say, UK, you might like to go with your local web host, which in general will load your site faster on your local visitors' monitors due to proximity than if you were to host your site at US.

But if you were targeting worldwide audience, generally a US based web host would be the best option. The reliable ones can even appear super fast on several far locations beyond their US regions.

More Bandwidth = More Traffic

In the context of web hosting, bandwidth defines the amount of traffic allowed to visit a website.

For example, if the web host provides you with a 100MB bandwidth per month, in order for your visitors to view a 20KB web page from your site, your website is allowed the max of 5000 visits per month. That's your traffic limit.

If you drive more than 5000 visitors in that month, your site will get suspended for that month until the next reset takes place on the following month.

For example, by March 25 you have already used up 100MB, then your site will get suspended for the remaining 6 days in March. Once April starts, your bandwidth of 100MB will be reset and you can then start to drive another max 5000 visitors again. Get it?!

When you're just getting started, you may not hit the bandwidth limit so easily, but what about few months later when your online business begins to get off the ground and the number of your website visitors start to blow up like balloon, 100MB per month would no longer suffice.

You would need a greater bandwidth then. 10GB? 100GB? Why not go for unlimited if it's available?

Unlimited bandwidth means there's no cap on how much traffic you can drive. You can drive as many as you wish for all they care, and you never have to fear you would hit the ceiling. You won't.

Few reliable web hosts are able to provide you with that unlimited power, so, go for it - choose unlimited bandwidth.

Note: Unlimited bandwidth and other unlimited resources usually tag along with some conditions. So read up their terms of service or policy on their sites to make sure you don't inadvertently violate the rules.

Uptime Guarantee - Don't Get Fooled!

Website uptime simply means the time during which your website remains up and running on the web.

Ideally, you would want your website uptime to stay 100% because the longer your website remains 'live' on the web, the more money you'll make.

But unfortunately, your website may get turned off due to network or server failure, thus it becomes impossible to keep your website up and running all the time.

Although there are genuine cases that some very powerful web hosts do have a proven track record of achieving 100% uptime straight through 3 months with some of their robust servers, it's nonetheless close to impossible to keep the servers at zero downtime throughout the year as hardware in the servers are subject to aging effect while software programs are prone to virus infection or minor bug issues.

Even if there's absolutely zero hardware or software failure, server may still require occasional reboot upon hardware / software upgrade or for maintenance reasons. These undeniable facts make no honest hosting service dare to guarantee 100% website uptime.

Google and Yahoo can't even guarantee that, can anyone?

You might have come across some web hosts claiming they can offer you 99.999% or even 100% uptime guarantee. Beware! They actually refer to network uptime guarantee only, not server uptime guarantee.

What they mean is if their hosting network (including Local Area Network and Wide Area Network) goes down that in turns causes your website to go offline, then they'll refund you or compensate you with credits on your account.

But if your website goes down due to a failure with their server that hosts your website, you don't receive any credit or refund from them. Let me explain further.

A network is made up of hundreds, if not thousands of servers and other peripherals.

Let's say your website server goes down, but one server failure does not impact the entire network operation at all as thousand other servers are still running fine. That means, so long as the network is still going on strong, you don't receive any compensation.

That's what they meant by network uptime guarantee - which, to say it bluntly, is nothing short of a marketing smoke screen.

It's very very difficult to have the entire network down unless an explosion takes place and blow up the entire network or a super lightning strike the network cable that causes the entire network to go belly up. Or a hurricane come and sweep up all the servers to the sky. Or an earthquake damaging an underground network cable. Whatever.

That means, 100% network uptime guarantee… basically any web host can say that.

But server uptime guarantee is different. It means if your website is hosted on that server and that server crashes due to system error or maintenance, software / hardware upgrade or virus attack that together accumulate more than 43.2 minutes in that month, you're in for a refund or credit compensation.

If you're not so techie about web hosting, 100% network uptime guarantee sounds very rock-solid and can suck you in very easily. But you're reading this article now, so you've become knowledgeable enough to guard yourself against this kind of unethical act.

Hence, watch out for such companies that play around with words. A reliable web hosting company will just state "99.9% uptime guarantee" which refers to both network and server (check with their customer support to verify).

That means, regardless of whether it's network or server that results in your website failure of more than 43.2 accumulated minutes per month, they'll refund you or give you credits with compliance to their terms of service.

Note: That doesn't mean your website will go down 43 minutes every month. It's just a guarantee to you that should your site be down beyond that, you'll get the refund or credits. In actual fact, your website may run at 100% uptime straight through several months especially when you're hosting with a reliable web hosting company.

The lesser the downtime for your website, the more money you can make.

99.8% uptime guarantee is credible too. But not below that because that could mean the host doesn't come with adequate resources or expertise to maintain a stable hosting environment.

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