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Is Hostican a good host?

Date Added: August 07, 2009 04:50:44 PM
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Is Hostican a good host?

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Hostican is a relatively new player to the hosting scene. Based in Virginia they run all the hosting infrastructure and servers themselves in their own datacenter and do not outsource like a few of the other better known corporations do. They do however get additional scope thru leasing some space in Equinix which is a well known information center. Initially they marketed the unlimited bandwidth they supply on the majority of their accounts belligerently but have since scaled that back a little because many of us assumed that this offer would comprise unlimited server resources too. Customers at Hostican can choose between shared hosting plans, virtual personal servers or dedicated servers depending on their wants. Their plans are available on both Linux and Windows servers although Linux is the more popular of the 2 options by far. All shared plans come with the cpanel hosting control panel which is a sector standard and facilitates a great deal the daily operation of a{ web |n internet | internet site. On their virtual personal servers they offer the Plesk control panel which is similarly trusted by web designers everywhere. On their dedicated servers web-masters have the choice between CPanel or Plesk or of course any other control panel application that they might like to install there themselves. All of this is focused at a touch more experienced webamsters since Hostican does not offer a sitebuilder but it does offer a few templates at least so a basic appreciation of HTML would be a minimum duty. Like most other hosts nowadays Hostican gives substantial discounts if you set your billing cycle to yearly or bi-annual billing. Something that will put new users off is that you cannot login to your account from the Hostican homepage but you've got to access Cpanel through / cpanel. This is not an argument at all but you have got to be aware of it or else you'll fool around looking for a login form to your cpanel with no result. This brings me to support. When I at first searched for said login I fired off an email and got a reply to my question within a half hour of sending the email. This is rather impressive by anyone's standards. I have never had the necessity to use their telephone support but this option exists too. Other than that I've been depending on their information base. What I use most frequently for my support inquiries however is their live chat which is available daily from 8:30 to 10:30. All in all Hostican offers a really good service for a decent price and their support is responsive and professional. .

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