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GET Access to ANY Email NOW !!!!

Date Added: August 07, 2009 08:45:28 AM
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GET Access to ANY Email NOW !!!!

Author: ricknick

Most (infact ALL) of the websites & books providing an insight about Internet Security , showcase the information ALREADY made public via bugtraqs and security agencies . The fact is , in spite of all the humbug about internet security , there are techniques / vulnerabilities / exploits and intelligent tricks known to only a selected few , that can be ruthless in HACKING. Most groups do not share their techniques and tricks . Keeping a vulnerability to themselves , and exploiting them to gain access / financial information or using it for any other activity is the smarter thing to do nowadays . Since the techniques / exploits / software ....not limiting to codes and script ; are not known to ANY internet security agency , they are virtually unknown & undetected .

** A common viewpoint is that Yahoo! Mail & Hotmail are not-crackable . No brute-force technique or any other vulnerability works on these websites , and there are no possibilities in getting anyone's password . MTS Services have proved everybody wrong.. Yahoo! Mail has a total of 17 high-risk vulnerabilities (including those of Yahoo! Messenger ) & Hotmail has a total of 6 high-risk vulnerabilities. Right from techniques to crack password , invalid injections , data tweaking to gain access for the little known ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT TOOL ( in Yahoo! gain access of a .Net Passport Account in 9 simple steps...everything is covered here .

** Email Password cracking may be lame for the Internet Security people . The might think its "unethical". For the "Geeks" , MTS have the ultimate collection (UNDERGROUND) of source-codes NOT AVAILABLE PREVIOUSLY. Right from the top virus collections , to Trojans build and used by the underground networks (Sorry , we are not talking about the ones freely available on the internet. which are detected by most anti-virus programs) . Scripts that would exploit IE vulnerabilities and install your server just by clicking a link....the list is endless. and pretty effective.

Total Price :
500 GBP for Customers in UK
800 USD for US Customers (Currency Exchange)
580 EUR for EU Customers (Currency Exchange)

What will you get ?

1. You will get the Tutorials
2. Email Access Codes Scripts
3. Technical Support from our experts

Delievery is Instant, upon Payment

To Order mail us at

Payment Options: Only Westernunion and Moneygram.

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