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A New Era of Free Online Webcam Chat Rooms

Date Added: August 07, 2009 08:45:28 AM
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A New Era of Free Online Webcam Chat Rooms

Author: Scott Fuentes

A New Era of Free Online Webcam Chat Rooms?


Todays world of online webcam chat rooms has evolved so much over the past ten years. Gone are the days of yahoo chat rooms and AOL chat rooms. Even MSN has quit allowing members to host live chat rooms or any chat room at all. the outpour of anger and desire to get on their webcams, people around the world have found a new light in the recent dark tunnel.


Welcome to the new age of open source audio video chat. What does that mean? That means that fascinating new websites are popping up all over the internet that are offering? the recently lost webcam chat rooms. Guess what? Many of them are free to join and you donít even have to register, create an account, download any special software or anything. You just click on the enter chat room link and make up a name for the room and join. Itís that simple. You donít even need a webcam to chat with and watch others. You can just sit back and watch people.


These sites are really amazing. Remember the days when you had to create a Yahoo, AIM, or MSN account? then you had to download the software? Then you had to find the rooms? Then you had to ask permission from the users to view their webcams? Not anymore my friends. This new platform of webcam chat doesnít have any of those requirements. No downloads, no looking for rooms, no software downloads. it is by far the most simple thing a person could do to start webcam chatting right away.


The flagship site that I know of is All you do to start webcam chatting right away is go their homepage, click the char now button, make up a name, and start chatting. I warn you though, Itís very addicting. I find myself on there for hours just watching people. This is defiantly the best free webcam chat room out there, but I am sure more will follow.

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