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Why Did Eric Schmidt Resign From Apple?

Date Added: August 06, 2009 12:53:57 PM
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Why Did Eric Schmidt Resign From Apple?

Author: Vikas S

Google chief Eric Schmidst resigned to his role as a board member of Apple today.? After the launch of the iPhone which integrated many Google features into it,? there seemed to be a crucial boding between Apple and Google in more than just technological terms.? It even earned Mr.Schmidt a position in the Apple Board.? But now the relationship between Apple and Google itself seems to have become the reason for his stepping down from his corporate position at Apple.

Of late, Google had been developing products that were similar to Apple's that had earned considerable amount of accolades to Apple.? The Google Android for example was a direct competitor to Apple's iPhone's ecosystem.? Plus,? Google's upcoming Chrome OS was speculated to create conflict in the operating system market.

Meanwhile, Apple rejected the Google voice application from the App store and this move by Apple can be seen as a reiteration of the competition thrown by Google at Apple.? Clearly, a tug of war between Google and Apple products had been established and Eric who was involved with both Apple and Google had to stand by one of the products, and he chose the later.

Eric Schmidt's resignation move can then be seen as a measure to distance himself from Apple.? Following his resignation, much criticism has been hurled at Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO who is quoted to be a strong reason for Schmidt's resignation.

Whatever may be the reason, the resignation has been brought to effect and Google should breathe a sigh of relief with the decision Mr. Schmidt took to stick on to Google.? Given the talented, wise and the great resource he is,? his resignation sure is some loss to Apple.

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