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sulumits retsambew Contest Myth Buster

Date Added: August 06, 2009 12:53:56 PM
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sulumits retsambew Contest Myth Buster

Author: Amber Smith

Search engine optimization contests like sulumits retsambew brings to light many different aspects about the science. On the one hand view and innovative techniques are discovered whereas ineffective techniques are exposed. It has been observed that the sulumits retsambew contest has also given birth to some myths whereas other myths have been busted.

One of the most commonly prevailing notions is that in order for a website to be indexed it must be submitted to search engines. This is what the case is believed to be in general and this was the notion present amongst the contestants in this competition. However a number of participants have not submitted the URL to search engines and have still managed to get indexed. You will find a number of participants claiming to have busted this myth about search engine optimization.

Another important thing to understand is the relevancy of having the Google site map to gain the top spot on Google. In recent times much importance has been paid to developing Google site maps for search engine optimization purposes. This is not a myth because having the Google site map will help you increase your rankings. I was there is an alternative to this strategy and that is to create a well structured plan for your website which will relieve you of the need of a Google site map.

One of the most controversial aspects of search engine optimization has got to do with content. Of course good content will help you to get higher search engine rankings but the question is does regularly updating your website help you to attain high search engine rankings? It is important to understand that when you regularly update your website with content you will increase the frequency with which search engines spiders crawl your site. However this will not necessarily contribute increasing your rankings. It is better to update your website when you useful for content to share and whenever it seems necessary part of them updating it as soon as possible for the sake of attaining higher search engine rankings. The purpose of updating your website is to inform the visitor and not search engines spiders.

Many participants are also overwhelmed by the importance of following Google guidelines. While it is always beneficial to read these guidelines you will find that most of it to be common sense. The key is not to concentrate your optimization efforts to please search engines only. As long as you follow this methodology used should not worry about getting a site banned because of not following Google guidelines.

Since the sulumits retsambew results will be generated from Google it is important to work according to their guidelines which should not be a big matter of concern. There are many others elements of its engine optimization that have been confused by participants in this competition. Examples include H1 tags which many people consider to be imperative for attaining higher rankings. However you will be able to find entries ranking high in the competition that do not have any H tags whatsoever.

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