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Quit Your J-O-B to Become an Online Entrepreneur? Are You Crazy?

Date Added: August 04, 2009 02:56:07 AM
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Quit Your J-O-B to Become an Online Entrepreneur? Are You Crazy?

Author: Suzanne Manziek

<b>Here are the facts.</b> Becoming a successful online entrepreneur does take a tremendous amount of hours to get set up to produce business. Having said that I know of many people who have started their online business by getting up a couple of hours earlier everyday to get started or have worked a couple of hours into the night after dinner time to accomplish their goals. For many people it simply comes down to giving up their TV time to start an online business. It does not mean that you make this sacrifice forever it simply means that you do it until you can reach auto pilot status.

<b>The coolest thing about working a business online</b> is that you can do it anytime that you choose or that fits into your schedule. Yes, you do have to want it really bad and you have to make sacrifices. Can you think of anything in life that is worth having that you wouldn't sacrifice something to get it? Financial security is what we are all after. Why should you provide it to someone else if you are not receiving it yourself by being a loyal employee? If we have learned anything from these hard economic times we certainly should have learned that working for corporate America does not actually guarantee you financial security.

<b>As for me,</b> I much prefer my financial security and freedom to be in my hands not in the cold hard hands of an employer who will cut my job out in order to meet the bottom line. I do not want to be part of the statistics showing up on the front page of the paper in the foreclosed home stats or the unemployment rates. No, for me it is the American dream... owning my online business and holding myself accountable for my financial security.

<b>In conclusion</b> yes you can replace your job by becoming an online entrepreneur and you probably can make more money doing it, but I highly recommend that you get your feet wet first and educate yourself about what you are up against to succeed, in the online world of business.

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