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Can Anyone Be an Online Entrepreneur and Make Money Online?

Date Added: August 04, 2009 02:56:07 AM
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Can Anyone Be an Online Entrepreneur and Make Money Online?

Author: Suzanne Manziek

<b>Having been a victim in the past,</b> I think it is very important that you are told what you are getting into before you spend any real money. In answer to the question can anyone do it , yes of course they can but their success ratio is going to be very connected to either their computer literacy or the technical support received from whatever company or system they get involved with.

<b>The other big factor</b> that is going to play a part in success or failure is the drive or motivation that the individual possesses. Online marketing takes time, persistence and the ability to keep on going even when you think that you are not getting anywhere. Most people fail only because they give up too soon. Not because they were not capable of doing it but simply because they did not have the drive to stay in the game long enough. Quitting to soon is the biggest reason that 97% of the people who buy into an online business, fail.

<b>The MOST important factor</b> in avoiding being part of these statistics (speaking from experience) is the online community that you are involved in. We all think that we can do everything on our own but I can assure you that having the help of an entire community of online marketing gurus will make the difference between your success or failure. Buying into a system that does not offer this support will set you up for failure and your time and money will be completely wasted.

<b>In conclusion,</b> yes anyone can become an online marketing expert. It is not rocket science but it also is not as easy as many of the advertisements and websites will tell you. The most important factor for success is the actual system that you buy into and your computer skills and or the technical support that you receive.

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