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Several Ways to Earn Money From Your Expired Domains

Date Added: August 04, 2009 02:54:46 AM
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Several Ways to Earn Money From Your Expired Domains

By: John Khu

Making money by selling expired domains is gaining immense popularity because of its potentialities to make lot of profits. Many expired domain traders treat this business very seriously and they use a number of methods and strategies to sell their domains at very lucrative prices. Also known as virtual estate properties, expired domains and domains expiring are some of the hottest business opportunities in the world.

Experienced domain traders use one or a combination of different methods to make money from their stock of expired domain names. These may include such methods as domain parking, domain name selling, or domain flipping. A well planned combination of these methods will provide you with very high income making potential. Here are some details about each one of these methods:

Domain Parking: This is the starter method to earn money from your domain names. It is easy to set up a domain parking account and simple to operate it, as the domain parking firm will take care of that aspect. What you want to do is to sign up for an account on one of the well known domain parking firms and use the web page provided by them to host your name. Most of your web site visitors are un targeted and they will click on one of the ads provided on your web page. The method used here is the famous pay per click system and the income earned by you depends on the number of visitors who click on the online ads to visit other web sites. The only downside of this income generating method is its inability to provide a large stream of income. However, for a newbie entrepreneur, this is a safe and assured method to make some amount of money.

Expired domain name selling: This is perhaps the most famous method for making money with expired domain names. People make millions by selling their special domain names while the average capacity to earn money by selling an average expired domain is about $25. There are records of unique domain names sold for millions of dollars. Expired domain name reselling is highly competitive and the place where you buy them can be just like an auction house where people will be fighting to buy their products and services. Some experienced domain name traders buy domain names and sell them at regular basis to create a constant pool of income.

Domain flipping: Expired domain names traders also convert one or two of their domains into highly useful and beneficial web sites that will be potential money spinners. Domain flipping is a thoughtful method of converting an expired domain into information and content rich web portals. Smart domain traders succeed in driving lot of traffic to their flipped web sites. Web sites with plenty of traffic can help them to reach top of major search engines like Google and Yahoo. People love to buy web portals that contain useful content and information apart from lot of incoming links and traffic. You can also use sophisticated techniques like Pay per click (PPC) Affiliate marketing Search engine optimization (SEO) and RSS feeds to make he flipped web portal income enabled and value added.

Author Resource:->  John Khu, an author and a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business and owner of website called which provides complete and up-to-date info on expired domain and their eternal secrets.

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