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Start a Blog - Turn Your Passion Into Riches Simply Blogging!

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Start a Blog - Turn Your Passion Into Riches Simply Blogging!

Author: Karo Itoje

Blogging which was formally known as ‘Weblog’ started in 1994. It shortened form ‘Blog’ was adopted in 1997. Before now, a Weblog was more like a diary where people on a daily basis write about anything and everything ranging from just ideas to interests, thoughts, stories, passion, jokes, and the list is endless!

Now the new modernized Blog is an online journal or weblog where you post news, articles, videos or hobbies, sport, fashion, game and so on.

? Since people realized how profitable blogging could be and the fact that search engines prefer blogs to websites, blogging has become more and more popular. According to Mr. Alvin Phang in his book Atomic Blogging 3.0, online blogs has rapidly risen from 55million as at 2006 to well over 150 million in 2008.What an increase! And the number keeps multiplying itself everyday.

Now there must be something people get from blogging to warranty such increase in such a short time, don’t you think? The reason for the increase is because people now use blogs as a means of advertising their products and services. Even companies are now creating their presence online using blogs rather than websites.

? Blogging -A Passion NOT a Business

? If you want to enjoy blogging and have fun while you make good money from it, you have to assume that nothing has changed about blogging. It is still a weblog where you can write whatever you want to write on a daily basis. If you see it as a hobby instead of a business, you will enjoy filling it with details everyday without grumbling.

You can’t succeed in blogging if you don’t write and post on your blog regularly so if you can make writing your hobby, you will have fun making money with it.

? The only difference in keeping a diary and blogging is that while in diary you just write without paying attention to the VALUE of your content, organization, grammar, and keywords, in writing a blog post you have to have your prospective readers in mind. When people visit your blog and get nothing of Value from it, trust me when I say they will Not return to your blog.To keep them coming back, your content should be Valuable, straight to the point, short and interesting. Make it amusing if you can,(still keeping to the point). I know I have read some few blog posts that left me with a Smile!

? Do not be so intent on making money at the beginning of your blogging, because it could discourage you if you don’t immediately start making money. Rather concentrate on providing valuable information to people and the rest will follow in time.

? The aim of your blog should be to let people know through your content what you are good at and then capture leads to make you the Money.

When you keep providing your readers with something valuable and interesting they will keep coming and in time you will start getting tons and tons of traffic to your blog which will eventually translate to Money. Simple!

Take the example of Mr. Alvin Phang, he is presently one of the most successful bloggers. Here is a quote I picked from the early chapters of his Amazing book, ‘Atomic Blogging 3.0’, he said: “Blogging then was pretty new to me and all I knew was just to write. When I started writing, I really hated it but as I realized I began to write more and more on my blog. I was getting more and more visitors everyday to my blog. What was once a hobby became a real full time business of blogging, from a total nobody online, I was now getting well over 40,000 visits on my blog on monthly basis” And since 2006 that he started blogging till date he has been able to generate well over $222,579 transactions online. That is amazing! You’d say. It could be you if you are determined, persistent and make available valued based information. You can check out more details about Alvin Phang secrets at:

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About the Author:

Karo Itoje is a writer and an internet marketing expert. She presently owns a blog that regularly updates it readers on any and every legitimate online work at home businesses available. You can count on the blog to provide you with accurate information on making money online especially through blogging.


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