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How To Blog For Income – Discover The Secret To Making Money From Blogging

Date Added: August 02, 2009 08:49:42 AM
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How To Blog For Income – Discover The Secret To Making Money From Blogging

Author: Keith Garrow

It sounds like the perfect job doesn’t it?? Writing your thoughts in a blog and somehow getting rich because of it – what a life.? Of course, most of the stories you hear of people getting rich blogging are about those few whose blog has become hugely popular, enabling them to make a fortune.? It is fair to say that these are the exceptions and that for each success story there are millions more blogs that are seen by very few people and from which the authors get hardly any income.

However, the way to make money from blogs is not to just start blogging and hope you are one of the few who get fantastically lucky.? You may as well just buy a lottery ticket.? The process is not magical or mysterious and you can take a tried and tested and logical approach to it, which will guarantee you a decent income in time.? Blogs make money because visitors click on adverts or follow affiliate recommendations.? That is where the money comes from, so the only way to get that money is to have lots of visitors to your blog, and your income increases in proportion with the number of visitors you have.? If you have visitors, you will get money – simple as that.

Which leads us onto the question of how you actually get those visitors.? You can’t just write about what you want and hope visitors will find your blog – they are not likely to find it unless you get very lucky.? If you want to be guaranteed visitors, you need to choose the right subject for your blog, and optimize it for search engines.? The visitors you need to attract to your blog are from search engines, because these are free and plentiful.? The choice of subject for your blog is absolutely crucial, because you must find a niche that is of interest to enough people, without being in competition with lots of other websites and blogs.? Only if you do this can you hope to achieve high enough ranking in the search engine results to get lots of visitors.? Proper research is therefore essential.

Even if you choose the right topic, that will not be enough in itself to get visitors.? You need to create and promote your blog in such a way as to make sure the search engines rate it as an important and useful site.? This is called search engine optimization and among other things involves selecting the right key phrases for your posts and getting other sites to link to your blog.? Backlinks from other sites are seen by search engines as an indication of quality and importance.

Let’s suppose you get all this right, choose the right niche, select the best keywords and get links back to your blog so that it shows up in search engine results and gets a steady stream of visitors.? Well done, because that is quite an achievement in itself, but it is unlikely to earn you more than a few dollars a day.? The only certain way to earn serious money from blogging, is to create lots of other blogs that meet the same criteria as the one we have just described.? I mean ten, twenty or even a hundred blogs, all attracting different visitors and earning money every day.? Then your income really is worth having.

The problem is the time it takes to create this number of blogs, or any kind of website.? You can’t skimp on the proper research for the right niche and keywords, and neither can you skimp on good content or all the search engine optimization you need to do, so how can you possibly make enough blogs to earn serious cash?? Not surprisingly you can’t, unless you employ some sort of tool or software, or combination of tools, to automate as much of the process as possible.

There are lots of tools available to do with generating and promoting blogs, but you need to be careful to avoid any which just enable you to churn out junk blogs full of second hand content and adverts.? While claims of putting blogs up without having to write content may sound appealing, search engines hate duplicate content and such blogs will never rank well enough to get decent traffic.? What you require is something that will guide you through all the stages you need to go through to create a quality blog, while automating as much of the process as possible.

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Get recommendations on the best blog creation software on the author’s website. Keith Garrow is an artist whose abstract art website now also offers detailed advice and guidance on many web related subjects, including web host reviews, search engine optimization and how to create a website.


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