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Automated Blogging Advice and Information On Ways To Generate Automatic Blog Posts

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Automated Blogging Advice and Information On Ways To Generate Automatic Blog Posts

Author: Keith Garrow

Automated blogging is clearly something which is only of interest in terms of making money or creating an online business.? Anyone who blogs for the fun of it would wonder what on earth the point of automating it could be, as this would take all the fun out of it.? Whether that is true or not would depend on which aspects of blogging you were going to automate, but in general the purpose of automation is indeed about blogging in volume in order to create an income.

Let us start with a quick explanation of how blogs make money and why you would want to automate the process.? A blog or any type of website that attracts visitors from search engines can generate income for you, the owner, through advertising.? If the adverts on a site a relevant to the content which attracted the visitors, a certain number of them will click on adverts, for which you get paid.? In general you will not get paid a lot, but if you get a lot of visitors, you will get a lot of income.

Instead of having one blog and trying to attract an incredible number of visitors to it, another alternative that is widely used is to create lots of blogs, each getting a modest number of visitors.? So you get a small income from each blog, but the cumulative effect is a substantial income in total.? The difficulty of course is in having the time to physically create and promote all those blogs, which is just not possible without a little help.? That help comes in the form of tools or software which can automate part or all of the processes involved in blogging.

Needless to say there is a demand for such tools and this has been met with a huge range of options as far as blog creation tools go.? I think it is important at this point to make some important distinctions about what we mean by automated blogging.? The term suggests that the whole process can be automated, which it can, but a lot of blog automation results in blogs which have no useful content and which are just vehicles for adverts.

In case you do not understand why this matters, search engines such as Google hate crappy pointless sites, and can easily spot a blog that is made up of gibberish and adverts.? It will not be rated by the search engines, so will not show up in search results and the blog will get no search engine traffic.? No traffic equals no income, which is why it is a problem.

It is therefore important to check on the exact nature of any blog content which is to be automated.? It is possible to access articles and other content freely and legally, but this must be done in a structured and meaningful way, geared specifically to your chosen niche and keywords.

There are an enormous number of blog creation tools out there and it is very easy to go wrong and waste money on systems that create lots of blogs that attract no visitors and earn you no income.? The actual creation of a blog is only the start if your intention is to create an income.? It must be created in the right way and then promoted, if it is to attract search engine traffic, so search engine optimization must be an integral part of your automated blogging tool. If you are not an experienced blogger, it would be prudent to select a system that offers support and advice, as clear fast answers when you have problems can make progress and results so much faster.

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Find recommendations on the best blog creation software here. Keith Garrow is an artist whose abstract art website also offers detailed advice and guidance on many web related subjects, including web host reviews, search engine optimization and how to create a website.


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