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To Remove Blog Name From Page Title In Blogger

Date Added: August 02, 2009 08:49:41 AM
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To Remove Blog Name From Page Title In Blogger

Author: Justin Martin

It is very easy to use with a lot of code built in to the template making the more user friendly, especially for those of us not overladen with technical skills.

But this advantage could be a draw back with regards to some aspects of SEO. The problem being that when you publish a new post, the title page reads 'name of blog then title of post'.

We all know that for the purposes of search engine optimization, the keywords should appear early in your title.

So how do you stop the blog name appearing in the title of every post.

How do you change the search engine listing of your blogger posts from the format indicated by the red arrow to the format indicated by the green arrow ?

It's surprising how easy this is

  • Log in to your blogger account and go to your layout page

  • Click on edit HTML

  • Back up your current template [there is a prompt to do this on your edit HTML page]

  • Click on 'expand widget templates'

  • Look near the top of the html page and find this code


  • Replace it with the code below

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'><title><data:blog.title/></title><b:else/><title><data:blog.pageName/></title></b:if>

  • Make sure that before editing the code you MUST back up your template

  • Once you have finished save

It takes a few days for your changes to show in your blogs title in the search engine listings. The changes occur when the search engine bots have crawled and re-cached your posts

Here's the code for those of you who want to copy and paste

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'><title><data:blog.title/></title><b:else/><title><data:blog.pageName/></title></b:if>

Hope this helps.

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