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How To Blog For An Income – Understand How You Can Blog To Create Income

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How To Blog For An Income – Understand How You Can Blog To Create Income

Author: K D Garrow

Not that long ago there was no such thing as a blog, and now we hear of people making small fortunes from them.? Not surprisingly, many people do not understand how this is possible.? No-one has to pay to read a blog, so how on earth can anyone make money by doing it?? It is actually very simple when you understand the mechanics.? The principles are the same whether in relation to a blog or an information website.? Neither one needs to sell anything to make money.

Any blog or website can feature adverts on its pages and when anyone visiting your site clicks on one of these adverts you get some money.? One of the easiest ways to do this is through Google Adsense, where you simply enter a bit of code onto your page, and Google do the rest.? What happens is that Google automatically assess the content of each page, and serve adverts which are relevant to that topic.? The benefit of this is that because the adverts are directly related to the subject your visitors are interested in, they are more likely to click on an advert.

The number of people who click on adverts will only ever be a small proportion of the total number of visitors.? The rate at which people click on adverts compared to the total number of pages viewed is known as a ‘click through rate’.? This varies a lot, but typically you might expect it to be between one and four percent.? In other words, for every hundred pages looked at by visitors, you might get on average two or three clicks on adverts.

The amount of money you get from each click can vary enormously too, depending on the subject of your site.? The amount you receive depends on how competitive the topic is for advertisers and how profitable that particular market is.? Each click could earn you anything from less than a cent to several dollars.? Usually you are only getting a few cents per click, so you can quickly see that it does not look like an easy way to get rich quickly.? As the number of advert clicks will only ever be a small proportion of your total visitors, you are not going to make any serious money unless you have a serious number of visitors.

There is another part to the financial equation with regard to making money from blogs.? In addition to advertiser income, the other possible source of income is from referrals of products sold on other websites.? The way this works is that you find good products that you believe your visitors will be interested in and recommend them on your website.? If your visitors follow the link from your site to the product site and make a purchase, you receive a commission on that sale.? For this to work properly you need to be referring good quality products that you genuinely believe in, and which your visitors are actually looking for.? If you get this right, and have enough traffic, the commissions can certainly be substantial.

You can now see that there is clearly an income to be made from blogging, but money from adverts and referrals will be tiny unless you have lots of traffic on your blog.? A few individuals do manage to hit luck and get fantastically busy blogs, but realistically, that is not something the vast majority of us can do by design.? If you understand the process, it is relatively easy to create a blog and get a reasonable supply of traffic, but that is never going to earn you a worthwhile income on its own.? The way people manage to make serious money blogging, and this is the really important part of this article, is by creating lots of different blogs.? Even if you only get a few dollars a day from each blog, that becomes a healthy income if you multiply it by a few dozen or more.

That leads onto how you manage to actually generate good quality blogs in the kind of number you need to in order to earn good money.? If that sounds like a lot of work, it is, unless you use blog creation software, which is the only way to manage blogs on that kind of scale.? What a good blog creation tool will do for you is automate as many aspects of the creation and promotion of blogs as possible.? The work is just not physically possible without such a tool.

Take care not to opt for anything which only looks at the physical creation of blogs.? Having a blog is not enough on its own – it has to have traffic.? No blog or website will get traffic unless it is created in the right way and promoted properly for search engine ranking.? Unless your blogs show up in search engine results, they will have no visitors, and therefore no income.

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Find more detailed advice and recommendations about how to blog to create income. Keith Garrow is an artist whose website was created to feature his abstract art, but now offers detailed advice and guidance on many web related subjects, including web host reviews, search engine optimization and how to create a website.


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