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Can you make money blogging?

Date Added: August 02, 2009 08:49:40 AM
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Can you make money blogging?

Author: Winn E.

Even though blogging on the internet as a means to making money has become quite common place nowadays, with hundreds of thousands of blogs and countless bloggers attempting to monetize their sites, countless bloggers are struggling to make any money whatsoever from their blogs and sites. This leads to a sense of failure amongst those bloggers who have not succeeded in monetizing their sites and what is more they get even more dejected as they read about so called gurus who claim to have earned money well into the six figures by blogging. These so called wealthy bloggers do not however state how many figures past the decimal point they include in their claims. However, every blogger needs to simply concentrate on the basics, put in the necessary effort and by dedication and persistence can also earn well from blogs.

Most bloggers monetize their blogs by way of context sensitive advertisements. The problem is they place their advertisements tucked away in a corner where no one can see them! The blog visitor is not going to go hunting for your advertisements. You are lucky to have him or her visit your blog in the first place! They then listen to so called gurus that say too many advertisements turns off visitors. If that were really true, simply go to the local bookstore and buy any magazine from their racks and you will observe tons of advertisements within its pages. If these magazine publishers were to listen to these gurus, they would take out all of the advertisements but a few and there goes the advertising revenue down to the basement.

Advertising is the way to earn money from blogs and hence do not feel shy placing advertisements on your blog in a place where the visitors can see them clearly. The complaining visitor need not come to your site and you have not lost anything since he would not look at the advertisements anyway, let alone your content. Next, besides concluding to place as many advertisements as you are allowed by the terms of service of the advertisements provider, you need to place them where visitors are most likely to see and take action upon. Human beings are naturally trained to see from left to right and so the best places to place advertisements are on the left and may be one block on the right towards the beginning of the post within the first two paragraphs. Proper choice of colors and fonts and font sizes should be used so the advertisements blend in with the post content. Too many flashing icons and such are usually very hard on the eyes and people generally go past them too quickly.

Next comes the content of your blog. Every one knows content is king but what is important to note is great content is the king of kings. The same subject matter can be delivered to the visitor in many ways some of which are boring, some are interesting and some just fabulous. You need to take the time to write fabulous content and not write stuff that can be used in place of a sleeping pill. Break up very long subject matter into bite sized chunks. Introduce humor and let your visitor have to think as he reads your stuff. Respect the visitor but give him enough advertisements to react to. Work hard in promoting your blog and getting unique visitors and you will be well on the way to make insane amounts of money from your blog. And when you do make a lot of money, please do not boast about it like some do.

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