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Avoid Getting Your Collaterals Trashed

Date Added: August 01, 2009 03:29:02 AM
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Avoid Getting Your Collaterals Trashed

Author: Katie Marcus

Therefore, your posters do not seem to make the cut as far as generating new leads is concerned. It does not seem to attract any newcomer leads to your business.

Now, you are at a loss on how you can make your collaterals pull customers like bees to honey. What to do?

To help you generate as many clients to your business, here are some useful tips to have your poster printing effective the way you expect them to be:

Provide great content.

Great content means getting out of the media muddle and emerging as the most interesting read for your target clients.

Just imagine that there are so many literature and marketing copy out there to attract and occupy your target clients’ time and attention. The choice then for your readers is to select the one that can give them quality. Even if you think that, your print posters need not give them too much content as they usually speed along your collaterals anyway. You still have to provide them top quality material that can make them want to sit up and listen. More than your design and images, great content matters…a lot.

Display great style.

All successful collaterals have one thing in common – they all have style and personality. If you want to stand out, you need to make your readers appreciate what you are providing them. What values do you impart? Do you come out as someone serious or cheerful? Do you foster trust and reliability? Do not leave any doubt on who you are and what kind of service you provide. Display great style, quality, and you will most certainly have your readers want to share your beliefs with you.

Do it consistently.

You are read because people see you – a lot. So consider having a regular schedule for your poster printing for example. In addition to having great content and style, be sure to advertise frequently so you can have your message understood by your target clients. Have a timetable and stick to it. When your readers know that you give them a dose of your information regularly, they will most likely include you in their routine reads.

Be credible.

It is not enough that you provide them with good information; but it should be information that is credible and trustworthy. Do not make the mistake of providing your readers with shocking and overwhelming details that you cannot very well support just so you get them interested in what you have to say. You should also believe in your own message.

Have integrity.

Along with credibility is integrity in what you write. Be sure that your facts can be trusted. Do not destroy your reputation with facts that just do not jive. Everything you put in your collaterals should be supported by hard facts. If you promise something, then you should be able to deliver because your readers would definitely have you accountable for what you convey in your collaterals.

The bottom line to all these is to put yourself as someone that can be trusted. The only way for your collaterals to work is if your target readers can trust you with the information you provide them. Your capacity to foster real integrity can be your most powerful tool that can help you stay longer in your industry.

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