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How to spice up sex life with a sex toy

Date Added: October 31, 2009 09:56:42 PM
Author: David
Category: Reference: Ask an Expert
Knowing how to better your sex can transform your relationship. Most couples, whether dating or married, often notice a change in the intensity and frequency of their sex life over time. Work-related problems, strain and a bad mood are commonly put the blame on this. If it is happening in your relationship right now, you know that it can cause a great deal of disappointment and even some bitterness. You can improve your intimate life and make it more pleasurable than ever before by trying sex toys. The diversity of sex toys is tremendous. One may find penis rings, blow up dolls, vibrators, dildos etc. They can be used to arouse a partner or to help both partners get the most of the lovemaking process. Still, few people are aware that inappropriate use of adult sex toys can be dangerous. Here are a few things to consider when playing with adult toys. The first and the most important factor in a pleasurable experience with your adult toys is appropriate lubrication. If compared with the vagina, the anus requires lubricating. So, lubricants are necessary for smooth and painless anal penetration. Oil-based lubricants destroy the latex of a condom, thus, making it useless. Water-based lubricants can be used instead. Before trying out a adult sex toy, check it carefully. Any adult toy you try out should not have any rigid edges. For anal adult toys, check if there is a specially-designed flared base precluding the entire toy from entering the rectum. Note whatever touches the anus should not touch anything else. Never take the penis or a adult toy out of the anus and put into the vagina. This can bring on severe infections. If you have a latex allergy, you are advised to use hard plastic or silicone adult toys to avoid irritation. If using a adult toy you feel pain or discomfort. Assure that your adult toy is clean before playing with it. It will shield you and your partner from infections. Note that your health is determined by your intimate life. For detalied information about the use of sex toys, please visit


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