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Free SMS is a wonderful service for Youngsters

Date Added: July 31, 2009 09:38:54 AM
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Free SMS is a wonderful service for Youngsters

Author: George Miller

In India, youth of the country dominates the mobile market. So to tap the tech savvy youngistan, various innovative ways have been invented to capture them.? One of which is offering them Free SMS. As with the technological convergence, a variety of social portals enables all the SMS freaks to send free SMS across India via PC. The convergence has paved the way for people to be in touch with their loved ones by sending free SMS amidst their busy schedule. As SMS is an effortless way of staying in touch. These portals complement your effortlessness by giving you an opportunity to stay connected.

Free SMS are like a boon to the people who are tired of looking at hefty mobile phone bills or spending hundreds of rupees to recharge their phones with various schemes. Now just switch on your PCs and log on to the site to send free SMS to let your people know that they are remembered and with no single penny spent by you. Sending free SMS using PC seems more convenient when one is in office, while working on your computers, all you need to do is take a minutes time and get on to your registered site and send free SMS. Mobile operators have started charging a bomb to let you send free SMS and that to with set limits like number of SMS and with validity. The free SMS you get by recharging your phone are also limited to the local areas of the state you are in whereas this social networking site let’s you send free SMS across the country.

To send free SMS, all you need to do is log on to the site named YouMint and feel the difference in your growing network. One can send free SMS without any inconvenience caused or without suffering the network breakdown. Stop worrying about getting your phone recharge and looking out for Free SMS vouchers. Stop putting ticks across your calendar for validity dates. The only thing to be remembered is the phone numbers of your friends and certainly your password.

YouMint offers you an unstoppable communication any time and anywhere across the country, letting you save your hard earned money. These free SMS service have given people a million reasons to feel free to get in touch with their long lost and almost forgotten relatives. Sending SMS via PC will be faster and as you can send free SMS it will cost you nothing and makes the experience exciting, making your relationship in real terms ‘PRICELESS’.

SMS industry in India is at the nascent stage and is growing extremely fast across India. Sending Free SMS online is pacing up among youth. Are you one of them? If not I am sure you must be sailing the boat without the breeze. So move on guys and follow the trend or become a trend setter to envy your friends.

Free SMS to India is just a small effort to bring people closer and stay connected globally! Now join YouMint and start sending Free SMS all around the country. Because YouMint gives you chance to earn money during sending SMS and receiving SMS.

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